Sahand Mozaffari

Bachelor of science student
in Computer Engineering Department
of Sharif University of Technology
My vita can be found here.
You can contact me at [my first name].[my last name]
Last update: Jul 28, 2016

About me

My name is Sahand Mozaffari, natively written سهند مظفری and pronounced sæhænd mozæfæɾ. I was born on September 20th, 1993 in Iran. Since September 2011 I have been a B.S. student of software engineering in computer engineering department of Sharif University of Technology, a highly prestigious university of my home country. I took on a second major, theoretical mathematics, in 2013 to fulfill my passion for mathematics. I am expected to receive my B.S. degrees by summer of 2016. Along with my education, I have been spending time on research on diverse subjects in computer science. With that experience behind, I have chosen to continue my studies in the field of algorithm design and analysis.

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I have a DBLP and a Google Scholar account. Here is the list of my publications in reverse chronological order:

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