Sahand Mozaffari

Bachelor of science student
in Computer Engineering Department
of Sharif University of Technology
My CV can be accessed here.

About me

My name is Sahand Mozaffari, natively written سهند مظفری and pronounced /sæhænd/ /məʊzæfærI/. I was born on October 21st, 1993 in Iran. Since September 2011 I have been a B.S. student of software engineering in computer engineering department of Sharif University of Technology, a highly prestigious university of my home country. I took on a second major, pure mathematics, in 2013 to fulfill my passion for mathematics. I am expected to receive my B.S. degrees by summer of 2016. Along with my education, I have been spending time on research on diverse subjects in computer science. With that experience behind, I have chosen to continue my studies in the field of algorithm design and analysis.

Research Interests


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